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Building technology: decentralised power supply



Building technology: decentralised power supply



A power supply plant with two gas engines is to be implemented for a large company building. Here there is a particular need for planning, monitoring and co-ordination. The complex work requires a high level of expertise and assertiveness from the responsible ep engineer, both in the office and on the construction site.


our employee's tasks

    • Planning of the complete plant
    • Design of the components (pumps, valves, fans, exhaust silencers etc.)
    • Material procurement and personnel deployment planning
    • Co-ordination of heating assembly, wiring and installation of sensors and current-carrying components
    • Inspection and site acceptance

– and his skills

    • Draughtswoman and B. Eng. Building Climate Control
    • Specialist knowledge of architecture, statics, building technology, heating, plant engineering, building physics
    • Specific knowledge of software and routines
    • Spirit of innovation, overview and assertiveness

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