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Multi-functional: convenient control lever



Multi-functional: convenient control lever



For optimisation of a versatile, bi-axial control lever for construction and agricultural machinery, the focus is on increased service life and a new electronically controlled locking principle: The control lever locks into position and the controlled part moves as intended and stops automatically. In the event of danger, the process can be stopped mechanically.


our employee's tasks

    • Design of an aluminium control lever
    • with a plain bearing for the lever
    • Development of an electro-magnetic principle for electronically controlled locking / release of the lever  
    • including panic-deactivation
    • Implementation as a prototype, testing, optimisation
    • Support through to series production

– and his skills

    • Development and design engineer
    • Wide-ranging experience of design and prototype construction
    • in particular component development
    • CAM software and CNC processing
    • Experience of project management

    supporting experts