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Required: TCMS (Train Control Management System) software



Required: TCMS (Train Control Management System) software



Software to control the functional groups for double-decker trains is to be developed - from the drive system to the visualisation of passenger information. It must meet all customer requirements and be accepted by TÜV experts.


our employee's tasks

    • Detection of sources of errors in the work and communication process
    • Assurance of the correct implementation of tasks in the individual teams
    • Tracking of the software change requests
    • Programming activities to improve the tools used
    • Conducting of internal company research to optimise the workflow
    • Adoption of new tools or work processes from other departments
    • Production of documentation for the TÜV
    • Checking of documents for release to test the software

– and his skills

    • Masters (TU) in Mechanical Engineering 
    • Experience of project management in the area of software integration
    • Experience in SCR tracking, databases and Office tools
    • Application of software development and tracking tools

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