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Concept: Cold as ice in the tropics



Concept: Cold as ice in the tropics



The concept is to develop a built-in refrigerator with NoFrost-technology suitable for use in the tropics. In order to prevent corrosion on the side walls, non-dewing should be ensured at 25°C and 90 % relative humidity.


our employee's tasks

    • Visualisation of brainstorming with CAD
    • Structural design of an additional plastic component for pipe storage
    • Design of heat conduction plates
    • Design of 3D pipe geometries
    • Design tailored to the production process
    • Carry out FMEA
    • Design of a retaining clip to fix hot gas pipes

– and his skills

    • B.Eng. Mechanical engineering and energy technology, mechanic
    • Experience as a design engineer and in production
    • Various software tools – incl. UG, CATIA V5

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